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Saturday, May 13, 2017

One Hour Wargames: Updated House Rules and Wietzel's Mill

This weekend, I played a nice AWI One Hour Wargames scenario using the latest incarnation of my AWI house rules.  I have posted a permanent link to the right to the latest incarnation.

I the spirit of C.S. Grant, I played a battle game based on the Battle of Weitzel's mill, which occurred about a week before Guilford Courthouse.  Think of it as a movie "based on actual events."  I identified what I thought the most important features were and designed a scenario around that, rather than trying to do a strictly accurate recreation of the battle.  the key points are:

  • The Crown forces are pursuing Colonel Otho Williams and the Continental Light Corps with the intention of catching up to Greene's main force and bringing it to battle.
  • The Continental forces consists of light troops and militia
  • The Crown forces are the cream of the crop available to Cornwallis.
  • There is a contested river crossing, with the Patriots fighting a delaying action.
  • The British objective is to exit the road on the NE by turn 15.
Crown Forces:

  • 3 x Leaders (Cornwallis, Tarleton, Webster)
  • 2 x British Legion Dragoons 
  • 1 x Light Infantry (Elite, Aggressive)
  • 23rd Foot (Elite, Aggressive)
  • 71st Highlanders (Elite, Aggressive)
  • Von Bose Regiment (Elite, Aggressive)
  • Jaeger Detachment (Rifles)
Patriot Forces:
  • 3 x Leaders (Williams and 2 others)
  • 1 x Skirmishing Riflemen
  • Lee's Legion Dragoons
  • Lee's Legion Light Infantry
  • Continental Light Infantry
  • 2 x Militia (Poor troops)

Click on photos to enlarge, here is how it played out.

This is the initial setup.  The key terrain feature is the river, which can only be crossed at the bridge and the mill itself, which is made of stone and provides hard cover.  The Patriot plan (as historically) was to delay with the riflemen and Dragoons and then contest the crossing.

 The British commander created a traffic jam by a poorly chosen march order for his troops, leading with the dragoons. They tried charging the riflemen on the hill and were repulsed a couple of times.  The main effect was Tarleton was rendered hors de combat while trying to rally his horsemen for another charge.

 By turn 4 (as can be seen on my home made turn counter), Cornwallis had sent the Lights around the left flank and Jaegers around the right of the Rebels... 
 ... and the Light Bobs delivered a devastating charge the swept the riflemen from the field, unfortunately most fled to fight another day.

This reverse must have been visible to the Militia covering the bridge because the next patriot turn this Fog of War card came up.

Lee's Legion dragoons charged the Jaegers but failed to do much damage, and the net turn, the British Legion, probably enraged that their commander was unhorsed, savagely charged into the flank of Lee's Legion and drove them from the field. 
Some desultory fire was exchanged across the river, but Lieutenant Colonel Webster saw his chance and with his usual daring and pluck led the 71st Highlanders across the bridge before the Militia can block it. 
 The 71st Highlanders crash into the hapless militia.

 The militia rout from the field.  Meanwhile the Hessians wheel left and the 23rd foot wheel right to clear the rebels from the vicinity of the bridge.
By the end of turn 11, the Hessians have scattered the Continental lights and the British Legion have ridden down the last militia unit.  The remaining men of Lee's Legion occupying the mill decide enough is enough and withdraw to fight another day.

The Crown forces had won, but taken more irreplaceable casualties, while the scattered Patriot formations would reform,  All of the participants would meet again in a week's time at a place called Guilford Courthouse.

An excellent little solo game, I really enjoyed the drama added by the Fog of War cards.  I hope you enjoy it and the latest incarnation of my house rules. 


  1. Enjoyed thanks - I like the compact playing space combined with the good account.

  2. Looks fantastic and very easy to follow.

    Nicely done!

  3. Great game. Innovative stuff and looks very good too.

    1. Thank you! I just finished painting another battalion fo the 71st Highlanders.