Why Jozi's Tin Man? This has caused a little confusion. It is in reference to a Savage Worlds game I played with my wife, Jozi, where she played a flying monkey and I was a Tin Man. Hence Jozi's (possessive) Tin Man.

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Saturday, September 16, 2017

Canadian Heiress Kidnapped!!!

This is a blatant attempt to drum up players for my game "Death Temple of Sarnath" at Southern Front in Raleigh, NC October 7th.

Here is a teaser I came up with, I will brief the players at the game.  Enjoy!

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

See a Matrix Game in progress

Over at my other blog: https://tinmanmatrixgames.blogspot.com/

Take a look, things are starting to heat up.  Check out the entire set of entries to see briefings, rules, and it gives you real examples of at least how I rate arguments.

Otherwise, I am done building terrain for the conventions games I will run, and just making reference sheets, not terribly photogenic.  

Good gaming!

Monday, September 4, 2017

Built a fortified compound for Nyasaland

In between starting up a play by email matrix game and the rest of my life, I have been working on terrain for my upcoming convention games.

I built a small fortified compound I have built for Darkest Africa out of scraps I had laying around.  I did not want it to be too large, just big enough to hold maybe a dozen defenders comfortably and not dominate the table too much.  I originally wanted to make a traditional fortified tembe, but it would have had to have been larger than I wanted in order to hold defenders in each of the rooms.  So, I compromised on a small fortified compound that can serve as a mission or trading post.

This is an essential piece of terrain for my Nyasaland 1888 game I will be running and will serve as the centerpiece.  I will not provide a step by step, as there are many great tutorials on foam core terrain building, but hopefully you will see you can build decent terrain, on the cheap, with minimal skills.  I learned how to do this from the old Major General's website, visit it if you have never been before. Click photos to enlarge.

All the materials.  I based it on a scrap piece of peel and stick tile I had laying about.  The corners are joined using one of these, cheap but essential for foamboard buildings!  Door s made from stir sticks I found in a drawer.

And here we are after applying spackle with my fingers and a rubber glove. I paid extra attention to the exposed foam areas, as I intend to cheap and spray paint the thing.  Spray paint tends to each foam.

After the aforementioned spray painting with a can of tan paint I had in the garage (I bought nothing extra for this project) 

A little magic oven.... Next I dry brushed the walls, applied sand and gravel with watered down glue to the base, dry brushed it, added static grass, and made a roof from felt. 

Here you can see the garrison, ready to withstand attack, provisioned with plenty of water and supplies.  The Rev. Pimplebottom and his beautiful daughter Penelope are in the center.

Another angle

And a third angle with the roof removed, showing more defenders.  This was the last major thing I needed to do to prepare for running the games over the next few months, so now on to the details, where I hear the devil lives.

Until next time, good gaming!

Saturday, September 2, 2017

Matrix Game, South Carolina: Road to Revolution

Image result for colonial map of SC

I am running a play by email Matrix Game of the colony of south Carolina leading up the the revolution.

If you have any interest in Matrix games at all, I will be posting everything as it happens and you can follow along at a separate blog I have set up here.

The rules and player briefings can all be found here.

I will continue to post my preparations for the convention season here, but lease use the other blog to follow along and let's see how it plays out!  When I played with my wife on our last cruise, the crown was firmly in control and SC did not even get to send representatives to any Continental Congress...

Thank you!