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Sunday, January 29, 2017

6mm AWI - Patriot and Crown Forces

I have finally finished my 6mm AWI project for the Southern Campaign.  I mean COMPLETELY DONE!!!  I don't think I have ever had a project before that I did not have those "just a few extra figures" that laid around for years.

From placing my first order for figures from Baccus to being 100% complete was exactly 12 weeks.  That is one of the charms of 6mm figures, I can build decent sized armies affordably, that fit into my playing area, look good, and get done rapidly.  28mm large projects tend to lose my focus after a few months given my magpie tendencies, and I wind up feeling more guilt over the incomplete project that I do joy in gaming.

All figures are from the excellent Baccus AWI Line located here. Bases are by Litko

I selected the basing scheme completely idiosyncratically, based on what I though looked good and what would let me do a decent sized fight from the campaign on my 5 x 3 1/2 foot table.  I settled on the following base sizes / figures:

  • Normal Infantry regiments: 100mm x 20mm with 10 strips / 40 figures
  • Skirmishers: 100mm x 20mm with 4 strips / 16 figures
  • Small Infantry units: 60mm x 20mm with 6 strips / 24 figures
  • Cavalry Regiments: 80mm x 40mm with 16 - 18 figures
  • Artillery: 1 gun and 4 crew on 25mm x 30mm bases
This should let me play most rules such as Black Powder, One Hour Wargames, etc.  I also painted up casualty markers so I could show losses, which would also allow me to use stand removal rules.

So, here is a quick tour, starting with the Patriots, err Rebels, err Continentals.

The Continental Army - Southern Department
For my purposes, I used Guilford Courthouse as my standard for building my OOB, I should have enough to do everything from Camden through Hobkirk Hill without too many issues.

(Click all photos on enlarge)

Here is my complete Patriot Army:

The army comes out to:

  • 528 Infantry figures
  • 32 Cavalry
  • 2 Guns with Crew
  • 4 Command Stands
The specific OOB is:

Continental regulars:
  • Front row, L to R:
    • 1st Maryland
    • 2nd Maryland
  • Back row L to R
    • 1st Virginia
    • 2nd Virginia
The regular portion of Greene's army has been a subject of debate, at least in the sources I have read.  I believe what is referred to as the 1st Maryland is, after Camden, really the amalgamated remnants of all the Maryland Regiments present.  The 2nd Maryland was probably newer recruits raised by the excess Maryland Officers who went back north for that purpose after Camden.

Either way, this should give me enough for Guilford Courthouse or even Camden if I combine the smaller regiments.  Artillery decorates the front and the command stands for the army decorate the back. 

The cavalry and friends:
To the left is Lee's Legion with Dragoons and Light Infantry.  To the right are the 3rd Continental Dragoons with skirmishing continental light infantry in front, whom I assume to be Kirkwood's Delaware / Maryland light infantry detachment.

The Militia:

You cannot do this campaign without a good amount of militia.  Their performance widely varied from horrible at Camden (I blame Gates) to brilliant at Cowpens (I credit Morgan.)  Their origin varied widely too, due to the nature of the Militia, from the slwart Spartan Militia of SC, GA refugees, lots of NC Militiamen, and even VA.

I have 6 regular sized units, 2 small, and 3 units of skirmishing riflemen.

The Army of Lord Cornwallis
The army comes out to:

  • 400 Infantry figures
  • 32 Cavalry
  • 2 Guns with Crew
  • 4 Command Stands
The specific OOB is:
British Army Regulars

  • Front row L to R:
    • Artillery
    • 71st Highlanders
    • Commanders
  • Middle Row L to R:
    • 33rd Foot
    • 23rd Foot
  • Back Row, L to R
    • 1st Battalion, Guards
    • 2nd Battalion, Guards
The guards are an interesting unit to have.  They did not take any colors with them to North America, as they were made up of men taken from across the guards regiments.  And Given that they had blue facings, they can also double as the 7th Regiment of Foot or the loyalist Royal North Carolina Volunteers.

The Loyalists
Critical to any recreation of the Southern Campaign are Loyalist or Provincial units.  The most famous perhaps was the British Legion, shown here with it's dragoons and infantry, headed by the (in)famous Lucian Malfoy, I mean, dashing Lt. Col. Banastre Tarleton. Also, depicted in red coats, are the Volunteers of Ireland.

The Elites
The front row consists of rifle armed Hessian Jaegers and British converged Light Infantry skirmishing.  The back row has Hessian Musketeer Regimen Von Bose, Convered Light Infantry formed up, and converged Grenadiers.  I made the lights and Grenadiers small units as that is how they appear in the Black Powder Rebellion! scenariosn as well as looking at the numbers in Greg Novak's book.  More on these in a future post.

Well, there are the armies, ready for the table.  Next up, I will discuss what I read as inspiration for this project and talk about how that is translating in my eternal quest for rules.  Meanwhile, good gaming!