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Thursday, May 1, 2014

Maneuvers on the Marchfeld : 6mm Austrians on Parade

Here is a quick review of my Austrian army for the 1809 campaign.  All figures are from Baccus, and all figures, except for the Grenzers, were painted by Reinforcements by Post about 5 years ago.  The Grenzer and bases were painted by me.

I currently have order a few more troops to fill out the order of battle, including Lanweher and Jaegers.

The troops are mounted on 20mm x 20 mm squares from Litko, with flex steel on the bottom of the bases for storage with magnets.

Details of the various branches of service: (click on photos to enlarge)

Light Cavalry

The light cavalry contingent consists of 4 regiments of Hussars, organized in to 4 base units, for a total of 12 figures each.  These will be handy brigaded together or as part of an avant garde brigade.

Heavy Cavalry

The heavy cavalry consists of 3 regiments of Cuirassiers, ready to charge for glory! 

Line Infantry

The core of the infantry consists of 43 bases of 8 figures each, 344 figures total!  I usually organize them in to 4 base battalions, but I can build large 5 base units.  I somehow only wound up with 8 command bases, so any more than 8 battalions leaves a unit or two orphaned without flags.

(Note: I just noticed I need to resort the troops so that the regimental facings are sorted correctly!  Tut, tut... I would expect this from Friekorps, but not from the heart of the Hapsburg army!)


Big, strapping chaps ready to give what for to the frog! Four battalions of converged grenadiers.

Light Infantry

Three battalions of Grenzer from the Turkish border, deployed into skirmish formation.  For now, I will play with Grenzer exclusively as skirmishers.  So far, these are the only troops I painted myself.

I did not get any close up shots of the artillery, but I have 10 bases organized into five 2 gun batteries.

I am going to fill out the force with several battalions of Landwher and a couple of battalions of Jaegers.  Oddly enough, I have also ordered extra figures in order to play Sharp Practice at half scale in 6mm.  Madness?  Perhaps...  I did enjoy my solo excursion with Black Powder, but am not sure I got all of the rules right, so will give it another spin soon.

Still finishing basing the French, so until next time, happy gaming!