Why Jozi's Tin Man? This has caused a little confusion. It is in reference to a Savage Worlds game I played with my wife, Jozi, where she played a flying monkey and I was a Tin Man. Hence Jozi's (possessive) Tin Man.

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Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Quick update and current projects

Ok, been far to long since I have posted.  The normal impacts of work and more importantly family life have gotten in the way, but I have been slowly puttering along in the hobby.

The biggest thing I did over the last 6-8 months was to sell of many, many half finished projects, that despite my good intentions would never get done any time soon.  I really wanted to narrow my focus and focus more in gaming that buys stacks of lead that I will never get around to painting!  So... Goodbye 6mm WSS, 6mm Ancients, 6mm Colonials, 1/300 WW2 aircraft, 28mm WW2.

I now have my ready to play periods narrowed down to these, and even then I am probably sprading myself too thin:

  • 28mm Victorian Science Fiction
  • 28mm Pulp
  • 6mm Napoleonics (Wagram 1809 campaign)
  • 6mm Sci Fi (for Company Commander)
  • 1/600 scale Cold War (US, West German, Warsaw Pact)
  • 28mm Lion Rampant / Dragon Rampant with:
    • Vikings / Rohan
    • Orcs / Goblins
    • Lizard Men
  • ~100+ 28mm Sci Fi skirmish figures from random manufacturers for, well Sci-Fi skirmish games
That should be enough to keep anyone busy, but here are the projects I have currently in flight in some stage of completion:
  • 20mm / 1:72 scale WW1 (more on this later)
  • 28mm Normans for Lion / Dragon Rampant
  • 28mm Sicilian Arabs for Lion / Dragon Rampant
And finally, I am down to only 2 projects which are just in boxes, ready to get going:
  • 1:72 scale plastic Colonials for Sudan
  • 28mm WSS for large skirmishes

Whew!  That is a lot, but I feel much better not having so many undone projects hanging over my head.

My main focus has been my WW1 project that I have finally gotten around to completing after buying the first figures for it 10 years ago...  It is nearing completion and I will start chronicling it over the next few weeks, including posts on:
  • My reading list
  • Figures
  • Painting
  • Terrain
  • Rules
Stay tuned!