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Friday, December 7, 2018

1/600 Pico Armor moderns for sale

Next time I will have an actual post, but i have been busy with work and a consulting job I am doing on the side.

I think I am done with my 1/600 scale Stryker Rifle Company project.  In typical magpie fashion, my interests have drifted.  I have also satisfied myself that a Stryker Brigade Combat Team would have significant issues projecting credible ground combat power on NATO's eastern border, without significant air superiority.  This is highly unlikely against a near-peer opponent such as Russia with a sophisticated air defense network, superiority in artillery and electronic warfare, and the advantage of deploying along their own borders.   Your opinion and mileage may vary, and I will leave up all my Stryker BCT resources up on the web.  (note nothing political driving this, I was just purely interested from a military feasibility standpoint)

So, for your purchasing pleasure, I offer the following for $50, free shipping anywhere in CONUS.  Pay Pal only, please.

Everything is based on 20mm x 30mm bases.  Not going to count these up, what you see is what you get, but includes at least the following.

US Army:

  • Includes Stryker ICV Company with 3 platoons and dismounts
  • 3 x Stryker TOW
  • 3 x Stryker MGS
  • 2 x Stryker 120mm mortar
  • 14 x M1A2 SEP 
  • 14 x M2A3 BUSK 
  • Misc such as a  Striker company sniper team

  • 10 x Boris MBT's (from sci fi range, but used to proxy T-72B3 or T-90
  • 12 x Matabele APC (proxy for BMP-3)
  • Dismounted company with heavy weapons such as AGS-17 and Koronet ATGM
  • 12 x BTR-82A
  • Misc including 2S1 SP guns, large SP Guns from sci fi range, MLR's from Sci-Fi Range, Armored cars.

If interested, please leave a comment  (I won't publish it)  Thanks!