Why Jozi's Tin Man? This has caused a little confusion. It is in reference to a Savage Worlds game I played with my wife, Jozi, where she played a flying monkey and I was a Tin Man. Hence Jozi's (possessive) Tin Man.

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Friday, December 30, 2016

6mm AWI Preview

I am almost done painting up my entire 6mm Southern Campaign AWI Project from Baccus, and I intend to post a full report, but here is a preview.  I went from "Hey, I think I'd like to do AWI" to figures ready for the table in about 8 weeks.  Infantry units are 40 figures on a 100mm (4 inch) frontage.  I love 6mm.

Later I will post all the gritty details of what Baccus codes I used, my fit of terrain making, and my fascination with Neil Thomas' One Hour Wargames, plus some reading.  Meanwhile, enjoy!

I staged a quick solo, Cowpens - like battle just to push some troops around.  I have more painted and am a few weeks from being 100% done.  Click photos to enlarge, apologies for the bad photos, I snapped them quickly.

The battlefield after a couple of turns

British Legion Cavalry 

SC Militia awaits the British onslaught

Patriot riflemen snipe from the treeline

71st Highlanders prepare to advance
(yes, I know they should not be in kilts, but that is all Peter makes right now)

Reading on the table too.