Why Jozi's Tin Man? This has caused a little confusion. It is in reference to a Savage Worlds game I played with my wife, Jozi, where she played a flying monkey and I was a Tin Man. Hence Jozi's (possessive) Tin Man.

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Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Brigade Commander Game 3 (and Terra Blocks and Painting)

Mrs. Tin Man and I have been busy getting ready for her oldest's wedding this month, but I did manage to get a little gaming in this past weekend.

First up, I took the plunge and purchased a deluxe starter set of Terrablocks from Sally 4th.  I plan to use them as interiors for pulp games, spaceships, dungeons, or just about anything else.  They are very versatile and I cannot recommend them enough.  It only took me about an hour to glue them all together, and I think they will get a lot of use on my table.

So... I decided I needed some interior furniture and decided the most cost effective way was to go with 1/48 scale doll house furniture, and I picked up a pack for $9.99! It turned out well, and i think I will pursue this avenue going forward.

Now Mrs. Tin Man contends that I have crossed a line and am now officially playing with dolls.  My response: "They're ACTION FIGURES!!!"  Opinions?

I did take inordinate fondness in setting up the tableau below, and I am looking forward to setting up my Hercules Poirot Dream House.

Here are the Terrablock pieces left over from above, as you can see, you get quit a lot in the deluz starter set.

Now on with the battle report...

2nd Brigade / 6th Armored Division
CENTAG: 1985, Game 3

Just to catch you up, I am playing all of these games with 5Core Brigade Commander.

  • TF 1-44 Armor: 3 x M-1 Companies
  • TF 3-44 Armor: 2 x M-1 Companies, 1 x M113 Mech Company, 1 x ITV Company
  • TF 2-93 Infantry (Mech): 2 x M113 Companies, 1 x M-1 Company
  • Attachments
    • 2 x M163 Vulcan Platoons
    • 2 x Stinger sections
    • 1 AH-1G Platoon from Division aviation
Here you can see the Brigades initial dispositions, with two battalions forward and 1-44 acting as a reserve for a mobile defense.
And here are the assets assigned for this battle
The Soviet Regiment took some damage in the last engagement, but the 205th MRD commander has reinforced it with the division reserve tank battalion in the hopes of making a breakthrough.  Here you can see the Soviets on the line of departure

And here are the Soviet assets.  Mouting the cards on the floor tile worked for a while, but they are getting worn fast, so next time I print them I will laminate them.
Higher echelons have also assigned Mi-24 Hind attack helicopters from Front aviation assets to assist in the breakthrough (making their on table debut!)
Here you can see my new and improved forest sections for 3mm and 6mm.  I based them on 2" hexagonsso units can fit in them, I just need t finish flocking them!  You can also see my new "Taking Cover" markers for units hiding in terrain.
These are teh Soviet initial dispositions and maneuver plan.  In retrospect, not as good as the last game's plan.
The two battalions rolling up the center took a pounding from artillery and air strikes.  Here you can see an A-10 rolling in hot firing an AGM-65.
The Soviet right flank was stopped cold, with the left flank slowly closing in on it's objective.  The center turned into a serious slogging match, but it helped the Soviets that they rolled 2 "scurry" turns in a row!
Here an SU-25 tries to repay the compliment, but it was driven off by the stinger team.
More carnage in the center as the Hinds re-position to support the assault by fire.
2nd Brigade managed knock gut the assault on the center with some casualties.
The Soviet left flank bogged down in the town, but managed to render the ITV company cobat ineffective.  Then the Hinds rolled in and killed both M-1 COmpanies on the high ground outside of the town!
By this time, the Soviet attack was stalled.  The final butcher's bill was:
  • Soviet Losses:5 x T-72 companies, 3 x BMP Companies
  • 2nd Brigade losses: 3 x M-1 Companies, 1 x M901 Company, 1 x Scout Platoon
Rolling for losses and seeing if the casualties from game 2 would make it back:
  • C/3-44 Armor: Still refitting
  • B/2-93 Mech: Still refitting
  • B/3-44 Armor: Refitting in rear, not available next game
  • D/1-44 Armor: Combat ineffective, survivors dispersed as replacements to rest of Brigade
  • C/1-44 Armor: Refitting in rear, not available next game
  • E/2-93 Infantry(ITV): Rallied, available for next game.
  • 2-93 Mech Scout Platoon: Rallied, available for next game.

So for the next game, 2nd Brigade will have a total of
  • 4 x M-1 Companies
  • 3 x M-113 Companies
  • 3 x M3 CFV Scout Platoons
Stay tuned for the next game.  Meanwhile, here are some random 28mm figures I painted the last couple of weeks waiting to get a shot of matte sealer and basing done.  As you can see, I suffer from the magpie syndrome.  Until next time, roll high and live!