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Thursday, May 18, 2017

PRICE REDUCED AGAIN!!! Buy my stuff! 1:72 / 20mm WW1 project, table ready with figures and terrain.


Buy my 20mm WW1 project!  I am not getting this on the table and my interests have wandered elsewhere.  This is perfect for playing Through the Mud and the Blood, WW1 Chain of Command, or WW1 Bolt Action.  You get enough terrain and troops to play as soon as you open the box.

A platoon's worth of troops with all of the specialists and attachments that make it interesting for the British and Germans.  You can easily play out trench raids or battles from 1917 or 1918.  You also get trenches, barbed wire, fighting positions, bunkers, shell holes, and destroyed buildings to create challenging scenarios,

Figures are a Mix of HaT, Strelets, and Emhar plastics and Early War Miniatures metal figures.  Individual infantry are mounted on pennies.

Here is the box, ready to ship (16x16x16, 8 lbs.)

What do you get?
  • British Infantry platoon suitable for 1917 or 1918 with 54 Painted Infantry Figures including:
    • Lewis Guns
    • Stokes Mortar
    • Rifle Bombers
    • Bombers
    • Vickers gun
    • Sniper
  • 1 x Mark IV Male and 1 x Mark IV female tanks (plastic Emhar kits)
  • German infantry platoon 89  painted figures including:
    • Flamethrower teams
    • Storm troopers with SMG's and grenade sacks
    • Snipers
    • Minenwerfers
    • Granetwerfers
    • Short barreled 77mm guns for Storm Troopers
    • HM's
    • MG 08/15's and captured Lewis Guns
    • Sappers with wire cutters and Bangalore Torpedoes
    • Anti-Tank Rifle teams
  • Over 4 feet of Early War Miniatures Trenches, painted and ready for the table. You can see them new at Early War Miniatures here.  Includes 4 trench sections, a communications trench, and a forward sap as well as 1 inner curve and one outer curve section.
  • 3 x sections of shelled woods with removable trees for easy storage
  • Shell Holes, shell hoes, shell holes! including 5 reinforced with sandbags ad 2 x gun emplacements
  • 2 x short entrenchments and 7 feet of barbed wire.  Entrenchments perfect for late war German defense in depth position from 1917 - 1918.
  • Bunkers and buildings: one fighting bunker, two small observation bunkers, 2 ruined buildings reinforced with sandbags, and stone walls.
All of this for....

  • $250 $200 $150 plus $25 shipping to CONUS via USPS.  
  • Any other destinations, I will charge the actual shipping based on the 16x16x16, 8lb box.  
  • PayPal only please.

Click Photos to Enlarge

British Infantry Platoon

British Tanks (Early War Miniatures 20mm figure for scale)

German Infantry Platoon:


Shelled woods

Shell holes!

Entrenchments and barbed wire

Bunkers and buildings!

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