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Saturday, May 6, 2017

SBCT: First fight, platoon delaying action

I am proud to say I am 100% complete with my SBCT Infantry Company project and am now test driving rules.  For the complete project see this series of posts.

It took about 8 weeks to complete, even with a week long cruise in there!

Here is the basic MTOE company, complete and ready to go.  I have various attachments painted as well, but when showcase them when they hit the table.

I ran a rather simple scenario using 5Core Company Commander just to exercise the rules.  A Stryker Platoon has been placed in a blocking position to screen the rest of the battalion while it assumes a defensive position.  The platoon is tasked with destroying the attacking OPFOR's brigade forward security element in Engagement Area (EA) Hammer.  one that is accomplished the latoon with withdraw from it's battle position and conduct a passage of lines and become the company reserve.

I did not capture a play by play, but here are teh main highlighst of the action.

Here we have the OPFOR FSE, consisting for a platoon of 3 x T-80U and a platoon of 3 x BMP-3. If I were doing anything except trying out the rules, the Opfor would NOT just drive down the road until shot at, as we used to love to have our Soviets do back in the day, but would move forward using bounding overwatch, which is what the Russians, err Krasnovians would actually do.

 Here is the platoon's main battle position, with 2 rifle squads and the weapons squad.
 And the 3rd squad is off on the left flank to prevent flanking of the main position.
 The lead T-80U falls to a Javelin ATGM.

After a few turns, another T-80U and a BMP-3 are also hit, but the rest of the motor rifle platoon makes it to the NW hill and dismounts.  They manage to lay effective fire down from the infantry and the BMP's to render both US rifle squads combat ineffective.

With only 1 Javelin system operational, wounded to retrieve, and 2 rifle squads to rally and reorganize, the US platoon leaders asks for a receives permission to fall back.

All in all, I love these rules, they play fast, and give what I feel is a realistic result.  Later, I will post a play by play of moving and firing and my own stats for 5Core Company commander.

Until then, good gaming!


  1. Sounds like you too have been deep in the military manuals lately :)

  2. Impressed with your research of doctrine. Very cool.

    1. Thank you! It used to be a hobby when I was in the Army and the National Guard and was curious how things looked today. It also helps to remind me how complicated military operations are and we only scratch the surface with our tabletop games.