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Sunday, February 12, 2017

One Hour Wargames Scenario 27: Disordered Defense

Looks like I am getting in one OHW game per weekend, which makes me feel pretty good.

Below are some quick photos of my replay of OHW Scenario 27, Disordered Defense.  The British force attempts to seize a crossroad before American reinforcements arrive.

I am playing on my new Cigar Box plush battle mat.  I will write up a full review later, but it is AWESOME!  I am also waiting for a deliver from Kallistra for some of their hills, I will post picture of how they mix.  I am also ordering some better lights, which should improve my pictures, enjoy!

Initial setup


Opening moves, the British try to aggressively size the crossroads.

American reinforcements arrive and counter attack!

Firefight around the crossroads (The Hessians are getting the worst for it!  Even though I classed them as elite)

Final positions

I called the game at this point, as the British only had 2 units left, with the Volunteers of Ireland pretty beat up and the British Legion Dragoons not much better off.

I am still engaged with these rules and am going to keep fiddling with my modifications.  I did find some anomalies I need to think about, such as each unit is activated individually, which means an enemy unit can be the target of a shooting attack and then a cavalry charge in the same turn, unlike in the original rules.  Not sure what I think about this, shall consider.

Good gaming!

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