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Sunday, February 5, 2017

One Hour Wargames Scenario 18, AWI

I played a quick solo game of One Hour Wargames last night with my one modifications for the AWI.  Still experimenting with them, I have leveraged Henry Hyde's Shot, Steel, and Stone command and control rules.  I will continue to fiddle with them, they worked pretty well and gave some nail biting moments, such as when a British Regiment kept rolling "Hesitant" and making half moves trying to cross the bridge, which tied up traffic for a couple of turns.

Here is a draft of the rules, click to enlarge:

I randomly selected Scenario 18: Counterattack.  The Patriots were holding a bridge with a single regiment, but expecting a counter attack force to arrive on turn 3. The Crown Forces were tasked with securing the bridge, but unbeknownst to them there was a fod nearby that only the Patriots coule use to cross the river.

Here we have the British Legion about to charge across the bridge to clear the defenders after they have been softened up by artillery and several musket volleys

The British Legion clears the rebel scum and plows into the arriving Patriot counter attack force in order to buy time for the following infantry to cross.  it took a few turns for the foot to get their act together. 

Finally, the foot begin to deploy and the 7st Highlanders shift to the left flank to trade volleys with Patriot Light Infantry across the river.

Here we have the denouement.  The British Legion is barely in the field, only 1 hit away from breaking, but has survived the Patriot close range musketry and ridden down and scattered the 1st Maryland. Another Patriot Regiment falls to volley fire and artillery supporting from across the river as well.

At this point I called the game, as the British Legion dragoons were about to charge into the rear of the last remaining Continental Line regiment.  All in all, a decisive local victory for the forces of the Crown!

Next time my pictures should be better, I have gotten some great advice on the Miniatures Page and will be experimenting this week.  Enjoy!