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Sunday, February 26, 2017

Escape from Skull Island: The Other Son of Kong!!!!

I ran a game of Astounding Tales! at Borderlands on Saturday and had a blast.  Here is the scenario and a few pictures I managed to snap.  Enjoy!

Points of possible interest:

On with our story...


It is 1935, and the notorious captain of the SS Misadventure, Captain Ahab (no relation), has managed to discover the location of Skull Island by kidnaping the wealthy daughter of a Canadian Industrialist.  They have managed to capture another son of Kong from Skull Island with the intention of selling him to the highest bidder (and ransoming the Canadian heiress.)  But their plans go awry as they attempt to leave the island and suddenly run aground on a hitherto unnoticed sand bar.

The "sand bar" is actually a cleverly disguised NAZI U-BOAT under the command of the infamous Colonel Sturm of the Teutonic Knights (a wholly owned subsidiary of the SS)  His goal is to seize the ape for the greater glory of the Reich.

Pursuing the SS Misadventure and the Nazi's is a suspiciously looking Russian whaling ship, actually commanded by dreaded NKVD Commissar Olga.  She and her band of proletarian revolutionaries are going to stop the Fascists!

Meanwhile a red seaplane is spotted on the horizon, it is Sergeant Preston of the Yukon!  His mission is to rescue the heiress and prevent environmental disaster by returning the other son fo Kong back to Skull Island.

Finally, the low thrumming of war drums is heard from Skull Island itself, as native dugouts led by Princess Khalua swarm towards the SS Misadventure in order to rescue their god!

Chaos ensues, here are a few pictures I snapped: (Click to enlarge)

Here is the initial setup.  Note the salt water crocodiles sunning themselves on the sand, I am certain they will play no part in this game...

Here are the intrepid players
The Nazis had trouble just getting everyone to climb the ladder to exit the U-Boat, apparently the ladder was well oiled with usual Teutonic efficiency.

Here we have the Canadians landing, as the Natives set to against the Nazi's and you can barely see the Bolshi's sneaking onto the stern of the ship.

Highlights of the game:

  • The Nazi's constantly failing their STUNTS roll to get guys out of the hatch hidden in the Palm Tree
  • The Bolshevik's indiscriminate use of a harpoon gun in direct violation of the Hauge Convention (and their tendency to fall in the water and attract crocodiles)
  • The most potent figures on the table was the hero of Canadian Children, the husky Yukon King, who was shot twice, but managed to rip the throats out of 3 sailors and scare oe so badly he jumped into the ocean!
  • The Skull Islander's use of Native Magic to put Colonel Sturm to sleep at an inopportune time.
  • Captain Ahab's insistence that one of his crew attempt to ride the Son of Kong and use him as a weapon, the result being Son of Kong pulling him off of his back and hurling the sailor into the hungry maw of a croc...
The final tally was:
  • Skull Islanders: a win, as Other Son of Kong was freed
  • Bolshiviks: a win, as the Nazis did not get Other Son of Kong and they managed to kidnap the Canadian Heiress themselves
  • Nazis: A loss, as they did not obtain Kong, but were still able to escape in the U-Boat
  • RCMP: A pretty bad day as they failed to rescue the girl and Sergeant Preston was killed (or was he? Tune in next week!)  Yukon King gets honorable mention for feasting well on sailors.
  • Captain Ahab: Managed to get all of his crew killed and loses the ape and the girls, but gets kudos for hs single minded focus on trying to have one of his crew ride Other Son of Kong.

 A great, fun game as usual, thanks to all who played!

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