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Saturday, January 10, 2015

Microarmor for sale- SOLD!

Cleaning out my storage area, and I have discovered bags and bags of WW2 microarmor I bought 10 years ago that I shall never use.  I also have a small American and German force painted and based I would like to sell as well.

Why you ask?  Because my favorite 6mm manufacturer, Peter Berry at Baccus miniatures, has announced that he shoudl have a complete 6mm WW2 Normandy campaign line ready around the end of the year.  I am just going to restart the project then, I have more than enough painting to keep me busy!

So, I am selling what I have and starting over.

What do you get?  Well a painted and based Americam and German force, which can be a reinforced company or battalion, depending on the scale you play.  All of the infantry is Heroics and Ros I think.

The rest is literally ziploc bags of vehicles and figures.  I will not tabulate them, but there are King tigers, half tracks, amphibious vehicles, Shermans, 88's, and all sorts of stuff.  Many have bent / missing barrels and everything is being sold as is.

But, for the privilege of not making me count it and helping me clear space, I am selling the whole lot for $65 even, free shipping via USPS priority mail, shipping to the US only.

Please respond in the comments with your email address and I will contact you directly.  Thanks!

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