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Sunday, January 18, 2015

I see a red door...

I have been successful in sticking to my 2015 pledge of buying no new figures this year.  So far so good...

Meanwhile, i have been steadily plugging away on the last batch of 28mm pulp figures I want to do this month.  Pictures will follow, I am going to set up a gallery for all of my figures, stay tuned.

Mrs. Tin Man and I were in the craft store last week, and I picked up this wooden fairy door to paint for her.  After using my normal terrain painting technique, which is usually for ancient ruins or burned put buildings, instead of a "fairy door", it turned into a "scary door."

Never fear, though, she is going to add flowers and other fairy-like stuff to it.  Stay tuned for actual figure pictures!

Somewhere on a newly risen island in the South Pacific...
"Men, I need a volunteer to knock on this door."

And here is what the cats think about my effort to organize the game room.

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