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Wednesday, April 26, 2017

OHW Scenario 6: Flank Attack

Been off on vacation, cruising with my amazing wife in exotic tropical waters, but just a few updates.

  • I have taken the plunge and sold off my entire 28mm dark ages project in favor of 6mm Dark Ages.  My order got off to Baccus right before the price increase.  
    • Madness you say?  We shall see.  I am awaiting a package filled with Normans, Vikings, Anglo-Saxons, Byzantines, and Saracens.  Add to that a bunch of Microworld Games Orcs and I will be able to play in England circa 1066, the Norman conquest of Southern Italy and Sicily, in Hyboria, or even Middle Earth!
  • The SBCT project is almost complete, all painting is done, just finishing the bases for the OPFOR infantry.  Stay tuned for pics and a look at some rules. 
  • While on vacation, we saw the Castillo San Cristobal in San Juan, Puerto Rico.  I highly recommend it.  I will post pics when I get a chance, but I do think they could improve the presentation a bit.  Nice diorama in the museum, though.
I did manage to get in a quick game of OHW using my 6mm AWI and my amendments.  It was scenario 6, Flank Attack.  The Blue Force (Continentals) were tasked with breaking through a small British blocking force.  Meanwhile, the rest of the British force was falling onto their flank!
Initial Situation

After two turns, the Continentals are trying to deploy and the British Legion is preparing to fall on the flank

Fog of war card: not a good day to be a British Officer!

One Continental regiment breaks on the blocking force as the flank attack continues to develop. 

Finally, a good fog of war card for the British...

The Continental flank collapses before they can break through...

... and the British Legion delivers the coup de grace, as the Continentals are caught between the dragoons and the bayonets of the 71st Highlanders.

OHW is still delivering the goods for me, despite my enjoyment of RDG.  I will have to get a few more games in of both.

Meanwhile, good gaming!


  1. Yes, 6mm, the holy grail of wargaming scales! All hail Baccus!

    I love it because I can fight a battle in a reasonable space. And it lets me have 40 figure regiments, something I could never afford nor have time to paint in 28mm

    1. Nice. I've been kicking around basing a bunch of troops in the style of the old Space Marine game from GW: 5 figures in 6mm on a 20x20 mm base, kinda like the 5 side of a D6.

      Get a small handful in each major period and then they basically just replace single figures in any other rules.