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Monday, April 3, 2017

Buy my 28mm Dark Ages Project! Normans, Viking, Saracens, Welsh SOLD

These have sold, thanks!

Buy my entire 28mm Dark Ages project!  I am downscaling and because I am quite insane, I am redoing it in 6mm.  My madness is your gain!  I would rather sell it at a discount to one guys that ship a bunch of different stuff.

$280 via Pay Pal, CONUS only, free shipping via USPS (going to all fit into a 14” x 14” box, cost about $20)

You may PM me at The Miniatures Page or email me at: jpandjozismyrl AT gmail.

Included are:
  • Normans for England, Italy, Sicily, or the early Crusades
  • Saracens for Sicily, Fatimid’s, or the Crusades
  • Vikings for anywhere Vikings show up
  • Unpainted Welsh / Scots still in the bag

A total Painted force of 21 mounted figures, 140 Foot figures and enough unpainted stuff to flesh things out and painted casualty figures too!
Here is everything you get: (Click photos to enlarge)



  • Mostly Conquest Miniatures, with a few Perry and Gripping Beast.
  • Painted: 15 Mounted, 36 foot, 24 archers

  • Mostly Wargame Factory, leader is from Gripping Beast, Berserkers are Old Glory
  • Painted: Leader, 9 Berserkers, 6 archers, 56 armored and unarmored foot
  • Unpainted: 6 Berserkers and a bag of extra shields

Saracens / Moors / Muslims:
  • Old Glory with some Gripping Beast Plastic Arab Cavalry
  • Painted: 6 Mounted, 14 Foot
  • Unpainted: 6 Mounted, 3 Gripping Beast plastic Arab cavalry sprues, 42 foot (Old Glory, a mix of Arab archers, Arab Spearmen, and Sudanese Spearmen)

Other Stuff:

  • Casualty figures and tokens with weapons and broken shields
  • 4 bags of Welsh Archers, spearmen and dark ages Scots command and mounted, the idea was to make a Welsh warband, all old glory


  1. Those are some seriously gorgeous figures :)

    Looking forward to seeing what you do in 6mm.

  2. Thanks, Ivan! I am serious about downsizing, I am really hooked on small scale figures. I am keeping my 28mm stuff for Colonials / Darkest Africa / VSF / Pulp, but other than that it is 6mm or below for me.