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Monday, August 3, 2015

Pre-Historicon, Game 2

Got a second game in with the nephew before we went on vacation before Historicon.  This time, we played "Last Stand of the Zulus" from Nordic Weasel's Battle Pack #3.  The basic scenario is a group of special forces types are holding on to a hill against pursuing forces while waiting for extraction.

I adapted the scenario for 5Core, and added some skill cards to get the flavor and add some complexity for the boy.  We rolled a d6 at the end of each turn, and when the count reached 30, the extraction ship arrives, ending the game.

As you can see, I have a mix of SF troops, these are AT-43 troops versus Starship Troopers mobile infantry.

Here we see the pursing forces, 8 troops with body armor, one with machine gun and one with rocket launcher (treating a grenade launcher for this game)

And here we see the extra for the 4 SF operators, I gave them several skill cards to reflect thier ability and even the odds.  They had 3 assault rifles and one grenade launcher.

The pursuers start to move in.

SF trooper on the lookout.


The extraction ship lands... (A Finger and Toe model Tactical Bumble Bee)

A really fun game, the SF operators made it out with only 1 casualty, a good game for replay as well. 

Next time, one more game, then I will start posting vacation / Historicon pictures.

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  1. Cool! I wrote that scenario :) I'm glad to see it transferred to FiveCore.