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Monday, August 3, 2015

Pre-Historicon, Game 1

I am about a month or so behind in updates, wen on family vacation that morphed into Historicon.  Also had my wife's nephew with us again and we got a few games in.

I ginned up some stat cards for 5 Core Skirmish for Sci-Fi games and we got 4 games in before we left.  The vacation itself was great and I will be posting pictures from James Town as well as pictures and my thoughts on the Air and Space annex in Virginia.  Finally, hopefully in the next few days, I will give my take on Historicon 2015.

Meanwhile, here is a quick game we played, Karmans versus Humans.  The Karmans have dropped in with the mission of destroying a power generator, the humans mercenaries are tasked to guard it.  my nephew had the Karmans, and they managed the vitory, but lost 50% of their strength.  The cards are working out well.

Next time, more 5 Core action! Click pictures to enlarge.

The apes were all in Power Armor and armed with machine guns

There were 6 mercs, armed with assault rifles and 1 grenade launcher.

Here is the table setup

Here is your narrator with his opponent.

The big apes move in!

The end of the game had 4 out of 6 mercs down and headed for the rear, with 2 apes down.

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