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Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Death Temple of Sarnath, playtest #2

See playtest #1.

Did a second playtest of the scenario and rules with 4 players, my wife, my cousin, and her husband and son.  We had 4 factions on the table this time:

  • Doc Savage
  • Arab Slavers
  • German Institute for Teutonic Studies (Nazi GITS)
  • British COlonial forces (Central African Rifles)

The pace was fast a furious, here are a few photos.  It ended again with Doc Savage making off with the girl and the scroll of Thoth, but was a nice, close run thing.  Best quotes included:
  • "I punch him. In the face"
  • "Man, the British suck."
  • "I throw the pig at the cultist to try to trip him up."
  • "I will shoot Pat Savage in the back from 5 feet away... an miss"
  • "You just shot the heiress you are trying to rescue in the leg."
  • "I am trying to enslave a blonde, this one will do."
  • "Well, I guess I will have to enslave the pig now."
All in all great fun, and I look forward to one or two more plays before Southern Front.

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