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Friday, July 7, 2017

OHW: Celebrating Independence in 6mm

Been offline for a few weeks, which included a great cruise with my lovely wife and daughter.  We had a spectacular time and I would not trade it for anything in the world.  Only item of wargaming significance was a trip to the WW2 Museum in New Orleans.  It is well worth a visit, we only had a few hours, but I suggest planning a day.

I also finished reading A Rifleman Went to War, highly suggested for anyone interested in WW1 or marksmanship in general.

Best news is I HAVE THE BEST WIFE EVER!!!  She has arranged a weekend trip to Historicon.  I won't be able to take off any days from work, but will be able to game my little heart out on Saturday.

I have continued to fiddle with One Hour Wargames for the AWI, even while I was on vacation.  I have made a few amendments to my house rules, see v6 of the QRS at the OHW link on the right.  I significantly modified the firing rules so that each unit only has 3 hits and does not clutter the table with casualty dice.  I shamelessly pulled all of the ideas from this excellent blog, thanks, John!  As you can see, I chose the "More Chaos" option.

Please give me any feedback you have on the rules.  The last set of tweaks I am thinking of to give more of an AWI flavor are somewhat inspired by Ruse De Guerre and include:

  • Allowing non-skirmishers to pass through each other, but the stationary unit may not move and takes 1 hit (or rolls to take a hit) to represent disorder, but the looser formations.
  • Also to represent the looser infantry formations and frequent rough terrain, allow non-skirmish infantry to move through woods, but only fire with 1d6 and melee with 1d6.  Or maybe take a hit if they move into the woods?

Meanwhile, here are a couple of quick games I played.  The first was on the third of July, solo just to try out the new firing rules.  I am rather pleased with how it worked and the table looked MUCH less cluttered without the casualty dice.

Click on photos to enlarge

 British approach the Patriot line
Closeup of the Volunteers of Ireland and the British Legion coming under fire 

 And the battle lines meet!
 The British Legion Infantry collapses
And here is my Impudent Mortal plastic dice tower in a felt lined tray.  Makes dice management less messy.

And here is a nice game I played this week with my lovely wife.  It is her first outing with the rules, she ran the British and I had the Patriots, who were trying to defend a ford.

Our dog, General Sherman, supervised operations:

The British General arrays her troops for battle
Here are a few shots of the game in progress.  I placed my militia up front, and the British eventually rolled me up and took the ford.

The victorious general basks in the glory of her victory!

The rules were a hit and she is onboard to play more games.  Sometime this weekend, I will probably post another updated QRS, and maybe get the SBCT back on the table.  Until then, good gaming!


  1. Thanks, enjoyed looking through your documents and also the link to John's site. I agree the game looks better without units trailing dice behind them.

  2. Love your system. Thanks so much for sharing - very inspirational! Noel

  3. Awesome game, if you are going to do more, I heartily recommend "with zeal and with bayonet only" which is one of the best "red coat" books I've read.

    1. Thanks Ivan! Funnily enough, I got it for Christmas, about 2/3 the way through. Just finished The Road to Guilford Courthouse too.

      Any chance you are going to Historicon? I think it is on the other side of the continent from you, but thought I would ask.

  4. Great looking game! Glad someone found some use out of my mods. :D And you have a wife that is "game" to game with you! YOU are a lucky man!