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Saturday, March 25, 2017

SBCT Infantry Company Project Part 3: Painting and Basing Vehcles

See the rest of the project here

First off, I want to let you know that this entire project was inspired directly by Bish's 3mm Tiny Tanks Blog.  He is doing a 1:1 Scale project and is a much better at painting, basing, and terrain than I am.
(Click photos to enlarge)

Here are is the OPFOR glued down to their sticks, ready to paint

And the US Army as well.

One of the joys of 3mm, I painted all of these in one evening...

I gave the vehicles a black undercoat, base color, and then added a camo pattern as appropriate.  For the OPFOR, I used this Russian black and tan pattern as my inspiration:

For the US Army, I went with NATO 3 color camo, excet for the Strykers, as every photo I have ever seen of them, even 2nd ACR in Germany, just show solid green.

After adding camo, I drybrush light grey and then add Army Painter quickshade.  After that drys, a final spray with a matte sealer and we are good to go!

I have a basing process similar to Bish's,  From left to right:
  • Start with Litko 30mm x 20mm base with rounded corners, ordered via their custom Basemaker
  • Glue on sand with watered down white glue
  • Base coat black
  • Drybrush Territorial beige
  • Drybrush Tan
  • Drybrush lightly with a light grey
  • Glue down the vehicle and add flock to taste
I am in the process of finishing basing up the vehicles, which takes longer than painting them!

Meanwhile, I am working on the Infantry bases, here is a Stryker Rifle Platoon of 3 x Rifle Squads and a Weapons squad. This is taking a bit longer as clipping the O8 infantry apart is difficult because of the hard metal they have to use, but looks like it will be work it.

More later, until then, good gaming!

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