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Thursday, October 1, 2015

Bug Hunting with Tom

Still playing catch up on the blog, but I managed to get a game in with Tom at Borderlands about 4 weeks ago. He set up the whole things, with a really good looking cavern for the players to try to make their way through.

There was a really neat fog of war with the covered tunnel areas, and we were forced to explore most of it because we had to find the energy crystal left y a previously wiped out recon team to power the commo unit to call the retrieval boat.

He used a modified set of rules called Swatters by Ganesha Games.  It was a great set and the game played really well.  I think if I ever do a bug hunt game again, I will use these.  You maneuver fire teams and it really gives a good feel of pouring on massive firepower in a desperate attempt to stop the bugs.

Here are a few pictures, enjoy!

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