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Saturday, April 11, 2015

OGRE in miniature, a quick and dirty project

Going to play a game with Mrs. Tin Man this weekend, but here is a quick project I did a few months ago.  I never played the original (although I knew of it), but last year I picked up the pocket edition reprint of OGRE.

It is great fun, and Mrs. Tin Man and I even played it on our last cruise back in December!  So, given my fascination with 3mm picoarmor, it was an obvious project to convert to miniatures as a side project.  Others have done this project with great attention to detail and with amazing results, but I wanted something I could knock out in a weekend and play just every once in a while.  Quick and dirty.

First up, I took an 18" x 18" vinyl floor tile that looked vaguely like a blasted nuclear landscape and then added a 1" hex grid with a Litko spray paint template.  I think quickly added craters and ridges with a hot glue gun, painted them black, and dry brushed the,  Easy peasy.

Next up, I ordered two "cyber tanks" from Javalin 98's Shapeways shop to serve as my Mark III and Mark V OGRE's.  A quick paint job and they were ready to go.  I did di everything in Army Painted quick shade so they would be "armored" and I could store them in ziploc bags.

Then I painted up an order of 3mm scifi vehicles from Picoarmor.  They painted up fast, I did not put too much detail into them.  Also, except for the infantry, I decided not to base them, but just leave them loose.

Here is the CP (made from a monopoly house) and howitzers.  I did not bother to covert them to static, just do not allow them to move during the game.

Here are the heavy tanks and missile tanks.

And here are the GEV's and Infantry.

All in all, a fun little project.  It looks better from 2 feet away in real life, and is good enough for some fun games of an elegant and clever system.  Plus, the whole think cost me maybe $25, not counting the spray paint template I already owned.

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  1. Ooh, been pondering whether to get some 3mm scifi but have been leaning towards 6mm so far.

    Looks great and Ogre is a classic :)