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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Brigade Commander, yet another play test

I ran another play test this time on a larger table, 3′ x 4′ attacking down the length.  The Warsaw Pact had a Motorized Rifle Regiment (BMP)  with the trimmings (full strength, air defense company, Recon company, Regimental Artillery group) with persistent off board artillery stonks available (152mm battalion attached from division)  I also gave them 1 activation for every 4 units
The Americans had a small Brigade with an armor battalion (4 x m-1 with 1 x recon attachment) and a mechanized infantry battalion (3 x M113 Infantry, 1 x recon attachment, and 1 x M901 ITV.) Also had a platoon of AH-1 gunships attached from division and a persistent off board stonk (155mm guns from DIVARTY) and I gave them 1 activation for every 3 units.
For my feedback on the rules, see the discussion thread at The Wargames Website.
You can see from the pictures below, the larger table allowed more maneuver and the troop density seemed right. The MRR was attacking on a 3km frontage, which is correct per doctrine.

Click photos to enlarge.

The Soviets are advancing to seize the town and gap on the west end of the table.
The MRR on the line of departure. At the top you can see the Regimental advanced detachment consisting of 1 Tank company, 1 motor rifle company, the recon company, reinforced by a battery of 122mm SP guns.

Here is the NATO defense.

The Soviets push through on their left flank.

The end of the game, the Soviet spearhead runs out of steam just short of the objective.

The remnants of the Motor Rifle Regiment.
The NATO survivors... next game I may see how they fair against the follow on Tank Regiment.

The game lasted right at an hour.  For the sharp eyed, i did use an OH-58 to fill in for gunships.  These are going to be a great set of rules, and i look forward to the final vrsion coming out.

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