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Thursday, February 19, 2015

Brigade Commander playtest 2

I managed to get a few turns of brigade commander in this past weekend and during the cold weather. Once again a Motorized Rifle Regiment (BMP) launches an assault on a 2km wide frontage against a US battalion task force, with the mission to delay the MRR from passing through the town on the western end of the table.

I added recon to the defender and on table, direct fire artillery for the Soviets.

Here is the MRR on the line of departure, ready to launch a hasty attack.  2 up and one back...
Close of of a company of M1's, still in progress, need flock and a matte spray. Went with NATO 3 color camo, but MERDC would probably be appropriate too.

Left flank MRB forced to halt by scout platoon of M3 CFV's

Scouts survive the kill die rolled against them and withdraw back to Armor company position, but the MRB is in engagement range of the tanks.

... And one BMP company rendered combat ineffective.

On the other flank, the MRB is taken under effective fire and a T-72 company is knocked out.

The M1 company back on the other flank was forced to fall back towards the town, and was hit with effective fire afterwards, a 1 on the kill die indicated by the litko explosion marker. 

Here is what the table looked like when I stopped, maybe 30 minutes of actual play time.

Ok, here are my two main observations...

Recon: I like these rules as written, recon works well as a screen for a defender.  Next game, I am going to add recon units to the attacker, and do some recon unit interaction. 

ATGM's: I think Ivan is correct, giving ATGM's on IFV's a kill die against armor is too much.  He had suggested allowing a kill die, but letting the target roll a shock die against the firer first, as ATGM's have a large firing signature and slow flight time.

For my next attempt, I am going to shift slightly, IFV's and dedicated ATGM companies (not infantry with attached ATGM's) will get a kill die against low tech tanks and light AFV's, but not tanks.  IFV's in a shooting match should be pretty bloody, especially when you throw in auto cannons.

Will report how it goes...

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