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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Back in Action, with supernatural horror!

Computer has been down for the last few weeks, so like Hercules, this blog almost died in the cradle.  Or died like the cheese I forgot and left in the back of the 'fridge.

I have a backlog of posts and have been busy, so over the next few days expect posts about:

  • Building my 6mm terrain board, hills, and trees
  • Painting 6mm Austrian Genzer and French Voltigeurs
  • Finishing the rest of my 1809 Austrians and French
  • Finishing my World War I German and British 1/72 scale late war platoons for "Through the Mud and the Blood"
In the meantime, the wife and I went to the MACE West convention in Asheville a couple of weeks ago, so will be posting a few pictures from that as well.  I got a chance to play "Saga" for the first time (loved it and I WON!!!) and "Muskets and Tomahawks" (loved it and won a minor victory by meeting my secret plot victory conditions.)  I apologize for the ungentlemanly way I appear to be gloating over my victories, but in my gaming career they have been few and far between.

We also picked up a neat one volume role playing game entitled "tremulus."  It is subtitled "A storytelling game of Lovecraftian horror," which appealed to both of us.

We pulled it out and I ran a game for Mrs. Tin Man, Little Miss Tin Man, and family friend (not made of tin), Emma.

I will not go in to a review here yet, but suffice it to say, all had a great time and really enjoyed getting in to character.  It has nice, lightweight, rules with an emphasis on story telling and it was very easy to get 2 non-role playing 13 year old girls to play.  I'll post more details later, but you can see more about the rules here.

Off to tinker some more, and will be posting more in the next few days.

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