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Monday, September 20, 2021

Pico Armor Grab Bag (WW2, Cold War, Modern) for Sale - SOLD

These have SOLD

 Cleaning up after several projects, I am NOT abandoning 1/600 scale, but I have everything painted for my Cold War and WW2 grand tactical gaming.  

Also, I have lost interest in the Stryker Rifle Company, my conclusion is that fighting a decisive action in Eastern Europe with only 1 SBCT and an ABCT is a bad idea against Brigade Tactical Groups without firm air superiority, which I think is not possible.  Plus a LOT of reliance is being placed on Javalin missiles, which are vulnerable to active protection systems, but hey, who knows how well they will work...  

So for $35 plus $15 shipping via USPS Medium Priority Mail all of this can be yours!  Just leave a comment, they are moderated and your email will NEVER be shown. 

OPFOR made up of BTR's and Pico Armor Sci-fi as a generic OPFOR Brigade Tactical Group

US Army SBCT and/or ABCT with M1A2's with TUSK, Bradley's with BUSK, and Strykers.

All the leftovers from my WW2 East Front and 1980's Cold War projects.  Zoom in, who knows what treasures you may find!

Tuesday, September 7, 2021

Starship Troopers Painted Bugs for sale SOLD

These are SOLD

14 Plastic 28mm Starship Troopers bugs, painted and ready, with 2 homemade bug holes.

$30 + Shipping via USPS Priority mail

Leave a comment on this post if you are interested with your email (I have comment moderation turned on, your email WILL NOT BE DISPLAYEDPUBLICALLY EVER) 

Classic GW Warhammer Lizardmen / Stegadons for sale SOLD


 Clearing out stuff I have schlepped around for 10 years and never used

Plastic and Metals Lizardmen and a couple of Stegadons, sold as is.  You'll need to repair or replace with wire some of the weapons.

Leave a comment on this post if you are interested with your email (I have comment moderation turned on, your email WILL NOT BE DISPLAYEDPUBLICALLY EVER) 

$50 plus shipping via USPS priority mail in US for all of it.

2 unpainted Stegadons with the ballista and other sundry items (Only 1 base though)

24 plastic lizardmen partially painted with a couple of metal leader types

8 Lizardmen on dinosaurs (I was never a warhammer player) some need arms glued back on and some spears are broken. 

Saturday, August 28, 2021

Where have I been and what have I been doing?

 I am shocked to realize that I have not posted since the beginning of May, but I have a fairly decent excuse. Work. That terrible thing we must do to finance our hobby... in April my boss and my peer manager both left my company and I picked up both of their jobs.  Keeping the "grist mill" running., hiring new staff, and doing all that has kept me busy. 

I have gotten a few things done over the last few months hobby-wise, here is a montage.

Darkest Africa with Smooth and Rifled

Just a short game, worked pretty well but I think I am doing it wrong.  I think it might work well for Darkest Africa, reminds me of the Mark Copplestone rules from Wargames Illustrated in the 90's (I have a copy on my shelf) with leaders running around motivating troops.

Or I need to just accept it and use Sharp Practice 2.  Too bust to follow up right now, but will come back to this. 

Making a Hex Sheet

I made a hex play mat for my long planned WW2 Eastern Front Double Blind game I want to run at a convention. (See labels to right.)  I created and 3d printed a template I could use to mark out a 100mm / ~4 inch hex grid. 

You can find it HERE

Played some Pulp Alley

A couple of weeks ago, I got some Pulp Alley in with my wife's nephew.  Lots of fun, I ran Dr. Nefario, he had his cult.  We played Hidalgo fire and I lost two of my minions to snake bite trying to riffle through Lady Elaine's tent.  He won.  I need to play more though as rules were slipping my mind.

Printed Tanks and Played What A Tanker!

There will be more of this, I have printed up some 1/150 scale tanks (more on the painting table) to play What A Tanker!.  Played a game with the wife, it was a hit, you will see more of this...

Painted 10mm Korean War

More pictures coming, here is a preview.  I have a nice force of US Army and NKPA / CVF troops, time to start playing.  I am leaning towards Crossfire, I have not played in years.

Went on a cruise

Despite the global pandemic, we worked in our first cruise in over a year.  Mostly visited private cruise ship islands or stayed on the ship and took the steam in the spa. Did see this neat thing on the beach at St., Augustine, evidence of sea turtles...

Ok, I am going to try to get on at least a monthly update schedule.  I hope everyone in our community is doing well, stay healthy and roll dice!